We Three Dragons by Greenwood, Ward & Grubb. Meet the dragon incarnation of Scrooge.

We Three DragonsWe Three Dragons is a collection of Christmas fantasies featuring fierce and unpredictable dragon protagonists.

In “The Knight, Before Christmas” parents read their children a traditional poem of a brave knight who challenged a dragon and the unusual deal that was struck to avoid bloodshed. The real hero is revealed only after the children are tucked in bed.

In “Christmas Dragon”, Lava the Dragon does not take kindly to being woken from a centuries long sleep by stupid manthings ringing bells of gold. Gold — the precious metal that nests his bed and feeds his power! It is time to remind these irritants of the universal law that the weak serve the powerful (if only they didn’t taste so stringy). The silly townsfolk of Ding struggle to save their hides, but none is more surprised than Lava when he responds to a small girl’s plea for help.

In “Wrathclaw’s Wyrmtide”, readers meet the dragon incarnation of the Dickens’ character, Ebenezer Scrooge, a most wicked beast even among dragons. He drives off his beloved wife when he eats the eggs of their hatchings to avoid sharing gold. He kills his only son for begging gold to warm his mother’s winter bed. No dragon gives treasure away! When the mystical AllDragon gives a Christmas gem to Wrathclaw, its reflection shows more than he cares to see.